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Facebook Crossposting, StreamSpot Style: Simplified Syndication to Multiple  Pages

Posted by Michael Wilson on Mar 20, 2019 4:13:38 PM

One of the most attractive aspects of Facebook for someone managing an organization is the exposure it provides to reach current and prospective users where they already are on social media. It's a robust platform of millions of users ready to consume your content, so all that's needed to convert those users into viewers is 1.) identify your audience and 2.) drive them to your content. [Okay, that's a little easier said than done.] Thankfully, Facebook includes a ton of useful tools and features to help with this, including the ability to "crosspost." Recently, StreamSpot engineers announced they have developed an even better workflow for StreamSpot users to crosspost right from their  MyStreamSpot Portal, making the ability to syndicate to multiple Facebook pages super-simplified. 

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Topics: streaming basics, facebook, syndication