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StreamSpot "Wired" Talks Facebook Live with Wowza, VideoRX

Posted by Laura Duerring on Oct 30, 2017 12:40:20 PM

Did you know that nearly 80% of online audiences are already watching streams on Facebook Live? How about that Facebook Live audiences are now watching live content three times longer than pre-recorded content?

On StreamSpot's second episode of Wired, a live stream show about live streaming, featured guests Chris Michaels from Wowza Media Systems and Robert Reinhardt from VideoRX both gave great insight into the best ways to increase broadcast quality and engagement when streaming to Facebook Live audiences.

Michaels introduced the new Wowza ClearCaster, a professional grade hardware option that allows broadcasters to directly connect to Facebook Live's API and provides real-time stream health monitoring for uptime and quality. Reinhardt weighed in on tips for streamers who perhaps don't have a dedicated encoder on their rack, but still want a quality broadcast to push to Facebook Live to reach their audience.

As Facebook Live continues to grow, more and more StreamSpot customers are finding value in our Facebook Live integration. Check out our latest episode of Wired below! If you have any questions on how to push your current StreamSpot broadcast to Facebook without any additional steps in your current workflow, click here or contact our support team today!

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