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StreamSpot is now turbocharged

Posted by Brian Duerring on Apr 29, 2016 6:08:29 PM
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What to expect from our new content delivery network

At StreamSpot, we’re committed to providing the best streaming experience possible for limelight-logo-w240-h80_1.pngbroadcasters and viewers alike. For our customers, that means making sure that your content is being streamed in the highest quality, an integral part of the StreamSpot experience.

Since 2010, our infrastructure has supported millions of viewers across the United States and around the world. StreamSpot technicians have worked tirelessly to ensure the platform scaled to meet the fast growing needs of our growing customers. Now, to continue to remain infinitely scaleable, we’ve selected LimeLight Networks as our new content delivery network, or CDN, to continue to deliver your high-quality, live and on-demand broadcasts to viewers all over the globe.

Limelight, a global leader in digital content delivery, has a blazing fast network and universal presence. Viewers, no matter where they are, will be able to stream live with minimal buffering and zero latency, coupled with the excellent video quality that StreamSpot customers have come to expect. Selecting Limelight from the list of qualified providers was an intensive project, and StreamSpot couldn’t be more thrilled to work with their team, knowing they will work hard to constantly improve their delivery network, just as StreamSpot has until now.


We do anticipate you may have some questions:

What do I have to do for this change to take effect?

Nothing; customers will be slowly migrated over time, and the migration will be unobtrusive to customers and viewers alike. We plan to complete the transition by June 1, 2016. If you would like your venue to be migrated sooner, contact support at

How will this affect viewers?

StreamSpot expects the migration to Limelight to be seamless to viewers. After the migration, viewers can expect a seamless viewing experience with zero-buffering and reduced latency due to Limelight's global server presence. 

When can we expect to be moved over to the CDN?

We plan to complete the transition by June 1, 2016.

If you would have any more questions, contact our support staff. We’re happy to help!


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