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Streaming Bundles... Who'da thunk it?

Posted by Brian Duerring on Apr 5, 2017 5:05:19 PM
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Who would want a "Streaming Bundle?"subpage-synagogue-family-header-full.jpg

When StreamSpot opened its doors in 2010, we knew that our streaming solutions had to be turn-key.  If customers were forced to research, purchase and configure individual pieces of equipment for their streaming solutions,  they wouldn't do it (or wouldn't WANT to do it :). Starting with our very first customer, we offered everything needed to produce high-quality live broadcasts in one convenient package.  

While our turn-key bundles have evolved through the years, the concept remains the same.  Provide a high quality encoder (the device that processes the audio and video signals and sends them to your streaming provider), reliable streamspot-turn-key-bundles-1.jpgcameras and capture devices... Pre-configure the equipment to each customer's account and ship it to each customer.  All StreamSpot equipment bundles ship with easy-to-follow setup instructions and our support team works with each customer remotely.  In the rare event that an installation is too challenging, StreamSpot has partnered with integrators across the country that can come onsite and install everything for you... Now that's simple!

Is it any wonder that virtually everyone in the live-streaming market has now moved to this model???  Check out some bundle options from a few of our partners:

PTZOpticsScreen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.56.06 PM.png

StreamSpot partnered with PTZOptics in 2014 to include their industry-leading PTZ cameras in our StreamSpot Equipment Bundles.  Recently, they released their own "Turn-key" solutions as well.  Their encoders come pre-configured with your choice of OBS, FMLE, vMix or Wirecast which means they'll all work with StreamSpot.  I'm a big fan of the inclusion of the monitors and joystick... Nicely done guys!

Wirecast Gear

StreamSpot has been a long time "destination" (in the drop-down list of streaming providers) of Wirecast.  One complaint we heard from our customers using Wirecast was that it was quite "resource-intensive" (AKA, processor HOG!).  The fine folks at Telestream countered this by launching Wirecast Gear.  Now you can purchase a standalone computer outfitted with Wirecast and capture devices.  Each package has been performance-tuned to run Wirecast flawlessly... No more fried Macbooks!

Wowza / OspreyScreen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.58.42 PM.png

Long time StreamSpot partner, and industry-leader Wowza Media Systems has partnered with Osprey to couple their Wowza Streaming Cloud platform with the Osprey Talon standalone encoder to provide a turn-key streaming solution. While some configuration is still required to get this solution off of the ground, it's a powerful combination to simplify the streaming process. 

So, what's different about StreamSpot Bundles?

We're excited to see others jump into the "streaming-bundle" space, we believe that streaming should be simple for camera-w-blue-circles.jpgeveryone.  Combining the best encoding hardware and software with the best cameras and capture cards is the best first-step in a simple streaming solution.  However, only StreamSpot takes this a step further... By pre-configuring every StreamSpot Equipment Bundle to the customer's account and installing StreamSpot Sync Automation, only StreamSpot delivers a 100% turn-key streaming solution.  Once installed, our customers simply set their streaming schedule (one time or repeating), select their destinations (players on their website(s), apps, Chromecast, Roku, Facebook Live, Vimeo & more), privacy (public or password-protected) and EVERYTHING happens... automatically!  There are no butttons to push, no switches to flip... put plainly, it just works!

That's not to say there is anything wrong with the other bundles... In fact, we've partnered with, and include equipment and software from everyone in this article.  But there's something to be said for years of experience (and the "scars" as I like to refer to them) that comes along with it.

Want a great streaming solution, check out our partners!  Want a great-er solution, check out our turn-key bundles!

Want to discuss the perfect streaming solution for your organization, contact us and let's talk streaming!

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