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Simulated-live streaming - how it benefits broadcasters

Posted by Brian Duerring on Jan 7, 2016 11:29:06 AM
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We are pleased to announce the availability of simulated-live broadcasts on the StreamSpot platform.  Using this powerful new feature, broadcasters can reuse previously recorded or uploaded content for automated simulated live-broadcasts.  icon-update.png

Once scheduled, the selected content is rebroadcast to viewers as-if it were a true live broadcast.  This allows StreamSpot broadcasters to utilize their existing content to populate broadcasts between actual live events.  Some examples of where this is useful include:

  • Broadcasters with viewers in different timezones
  • Multi-site broadcasters
  • 24x7 broadcasters
  • Broadcasters with many on-demand archives that wish to reuse content between live-broadcasts

The image below is an example of a simulated-live broadcast. It plays back just like an actual live broadcast to your viewers:


Using StreamSpot's simple scheduling system, broadcasters can set simulated-live broadcasts to play between actual broadcasts to create "always-on" content for their viewers.

We invite our customers to learn more and how to schedule simulated-live streaming for their accounts by reading this article in our public Knowledgebase.


Simulated-live broadcasts are included in every StreamSpot package.  If you are not a StreamSpot customer, please try our service using our no-obligation 30-day free trial here.



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