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New Analytics... More than Just Statistics

Posted by Brian Duerring on Aug 9, 2017 9:23:22 AM
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When StreamSpot engineers began working on developing new analytics earlier this year, they did not plan on the project becoming the largest enhancement to the StreamSpot platform to date.  

A custom algorithm was developed to analyze and parse over 100 million analytical records obtained from customer broadcasts dating back to mid-2015 (when we started gathering viewer data).  The resulting data sets enabled StreamSpot developers to provide simple, easy to understand, yet meticulously accurate viewer analytics to our customers.

Not only are the new analytics much simpler to interpret, they are easy to find as well.  We developed the new viewer analytics platform to deliver the information our customers require quickly, saving time and frustration.

What's New?

Here are just a few of the enhancements StreamSpot customers can expect with the new analytics platform.

Enhanced Viewer Maps

viewerLocations.jpgThe new viewer maps plot viewers within the same vicinity (defined by the level-of-zoom), allowing you to quickly summary who tuned in, from where.

Analytics Search


Find the statistics you are looking for quickly with the new analytics search tools.  Now, you can find analytics by event name, date range or a combination of both.

The results are lightning fast and can be exported to CSV to be imported into your favorite spreadsheet software.


Categorized, Sortable Statistics

To simplify analysis, viewer reports are now categorized into "live" and "on-demand" viewers that can be sorted to locate a viewer, IP Address (including IPV6), location or device quickly.

Event Summary Cards

Event Summary Card

The new analytics platform summarizes viewership into "events" that are generated from your broadcast schedule.  

This new functionality enables customers to accurately judge each event's success by including both live and on-demand statistics.  

For convenience, event cards are located on the MyStreamSpot Customer Portal Dashboard, Analytics Homepage and in event search results. 

Quick Summary

Quickly summarize the last 30 days of broadcasts with a simple graph that outlines both total live and on-demand viewers for the period.


Ready to Kick the Tires?

Your new analytics are available now, simply log onto the MyStreamSpot Customer Portal to get started.  If you need any help along the way, check out these helpful knowledgebase articles.

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