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Live streaming is here to stay

Posted by Brian Duerring on Jul 17, 2015 10:35:00 AM
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On September 30, 1929 The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) made history by making the world's first live television broadcast.  Radio broadcasting was also in its infancy having premiered the first live news program less than a decade earlier (August 31, 1920 by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan).  The development of live radio and television broadcasts was driven by demand for instant news, sports and entertainment.  Prior to live broadcasts, these items were mostly obtained on-demand by reading newspapers, sending letters and social interactions.

netflix-streaming-2-750x459Almost a century later we are faced with similar circumstances.  The Internet has provided consumers with an "always-on" pipeline of infinite, on-demand information.  Live streaming is the natural progression of the Internet and live broadcasting.  Research predicts that 70% of all live broadcasts will take place on the Internet by 2020 (up from 30% in 2015)  In fact, its domination of the market has already started:

    • 35% - Netflix
    • 14% - YouTube
    • 3% - Amazon Prime Instant Video

Over 50% of all Internet traffic in 2014 was consumed by on-demand video streaming.  The simplicity of streaming revolutionized the on-demand video market and the same will happen with live broadcasting.  Don't believe us?  Just ask Blockbuster what happened to all of their video stores.


We understand that live streaming is the future of broadcast and it's our mission to make it simple for everyone.  Whether you are a veteran broadcaster or a first time streamer, StreamSpot provides everything you need to stream your services live and on-demand to any Internet connected device in just a few simple steps:

  • Capture your audio and video
    • StreamSpot supports almost every type of audio and video source imaginable including:
      • IP Cameras
      • Traditional Cameras
      • Built-in camera and microphone on iOS and Android devices
      • Webcams
      • Video Switchers
  • Encode and transmit to StreamSpot
    • Encoders are used to convert the devices above to a format that is used for streaming.  We support almost every encoding platform on the market including:
      • Flash Media Live Encoder
      • Wirecast (official partner)
      • Matrox (official partner)
      • XSplit
      • TriCaster
      • Teradek

StreamSpot takes simplicity a step further with our patent-pending automation software called StreamSpot Sync which enables our customers to schedule broadcasts using the MyStreamSpot customer portal in advance of events.  Based on the schedule (either one-time or repeating), each live broadcast starts, stops and posts an on-demand archive automatically.  There are no buttons to push, switches to flip, no one even has to be there... Put plainly, it just works; in fact, it works so well that a majority of our StreamSpot Sync customers don't even know where there streaming equipment is because of the simplicity of the system.

gocoder_capturePlease don't take my word for it, try StreamSpot for yourself by signing-up for our unrestricted 30-day free trial.  If you have an iOS or Android device, you can broadcast your first live stream in a matter of minutes using the Wowza GoCoder App which integrates seamlessly into the StreamSpot platform.  If you need any assistance getting started our team is here to help you stream.



Live streaming is here to stay and we are here to make sure you are a part of it.  While there are many streaming providers to choose from, we hope you will find that our simplicity makes StreamSpot your provider of choice.

We hope to "see" you soon!


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