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Introductions All Around - Meet StreamSpot's Director of Technology and our New StreamSpot player

Posted by Brian Duerring on Nov 24, 2015 4:51:58 PM
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My name is Taron Foxworth. I am the new Director of Technology at StreamSpot. I joined this team to build awesome products. It’s my goal to make sure that we innovate and create new ideas that bring value to our customers and viewers. From my first day at StreamSpot, I've been working towards the release of our updated StreamSpot player. We recently released the player BETA, and I am so excited to tell you about it.

Technology moves faster today than ever. People can have a presence at an event without physically being there. Here at StreamSpot, we are dedicated to making that experience as simple as possible, for both customers and their viewers.  Let me provide a high level view of our re-engineered video player. 

Player Builder

It all starts with the StreamSpot Player Builder. The player can be found within the MyStreamSpot Customer Portal.


The Player Builder gives our customers the ability to customize almost every aspect of the player. Our customers can utilize their own branding, and can focus on providing the experience they want to their viewers. The players are redesigned and extremely adaptive in size. So, we can now fully support responsive videos and as well as provide options like multi-line descriptions.  


In addition to customizing the player, customers can choose from two player modes: Live Only and Live + On-Demand. The Live Only player will only display live content. The Live + On-Demand player allows for both live and on-demand content availability. 


Our customers use the StreamSpot Sync automation software, in addition to scheduling their broadcasts ahead of time through their MyStreamSpot customer portals.  When these future broadcasts are shown as upcoming events from the players, we're now giving viewers the option to set up reminders so they don't miss these future events when they happen live. We now give the ability to import an upcoming broadcast reminder to Google Calendar.


Users of the new player can enjoy content on a variety of devices, including Roku, ChromeCast, and Apple TV. We will also be releasing enhanced venue pages for those instances when you don't embed the player on your own website. I'll be sure to provide an update when these releases are available.

Try It Today and Get Started

I highly encourage our customers to upgrade their players to make use of the latest streaming technology; customers can also enjoy enhanced and granular metrics than before. Customers - get started with the new player today by navigating to Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, so please make sure to reach out to so we can further enhance and build upon our player offering.  Don't have a StreamSpot account yet, but want to try our new StreamSpot player? I encourage you to sign up for our 30-day free trial using the button below. 

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