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How to Promote Your Church's Live Stream Capabilities

Posted by Laura Duerring on Jul 20, 2015 2:00:00 PM

We recently spoke at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's Digital Parish Expo event.  In preparation for meeting several of our current customers and meeting new faces, we created a handout of useful ways to promote streaming within one's church.  


Photo courtesy of Pixabay/tpsdave

Live streaming your church's services and events is an excellent way to evangelize the Word. However, just having a live stream doesn't mean that your current and future congregants will watch on a regular basis.

Here are some ways to promote your church's live stream and improve your chances to boost traffic both online and through your church's doors.

1. Talk about it - Raise awareness through your church leadership

The most effective way is to talk about live streaming as part of the 'Welcome' greeting during every service. Our most successful pastors even look at the camera and acknowledge their viewing audience as part of this message.

2. Add your live stream to your website

Make your streamed services easy to find on your website; have the player visible on your homepage or include streamed archives as part of your website's navigation

3. Share specific archive video links

Did you know that sharing archives is as easy as copying and pasting a link? Click on the "Share" button within the Archive Manager within MyStreamSpot and you can provide a link so viewers can watch or download the archive

StreamSpot Spotlight Tip: 

StreamSpot makes your player embed code easy to use! Our players are 100% automatic; your countown, archives, and broadcast schedule are updated in real time without having to re-embed the player.  Plus, our players are customizable with your branding!


4. Be social

Many of our customers use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word.  Don't forget to promote your live and on-demand streamed content on these platforms.

5. Include in your bulletin and at events

Don't be afraid to use your bulletin to promote how visitors can go online to find your regular services and special events. Try to incorporate in signage within your organization as well.


It's not enough just to have a live streaming partner to gain a viewership - making a habit of promoting your church's ability to live stream will help expand your reach. 

Ready to live stream?  Visit our Church Streaming page to get more info, customer testimonials, and helpful insights

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