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High Holy Day Streams: Beyond the Numbers

Posted by Laura Duerring on Sep 18, 2018 12:12:27 PM

There are several times of year when the StreamSpot Team is busiest supporting its customers, providing both fast and accurate responses to support requests, and also proactively monitoring every broadcast on the platform to ensure each is a success. Understandably, many of these busy times of year fall in sync with holiday schedules of our large house of worship customer base, which means that the last few weeks have been dedicated to proudly serving many of our Jewish customers who utilize StreamSpot to stream the High Holy Day services of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to those who cannot make it, often due to difficulty or distance.

tablet_viewingThrough our vast analytics portal, we report to our customers the impressive data of their services: the number of live concurrent viewers on the platform, unique viewer counts, terabytes of content in transfer... the list goes on. These statistics are important, not just for internal reporting, but also for those houses of worship to share the validity of offering live streaming to their congregants and beyond. But sometimes, the valuable numbers in streaming are not those statistics we report to our customers, but the more general numbers that they actually report back to us. These come in the form of emails and messages from our customers and our customers' viewers who write us directly to share how being able to watch a service via StreamSpot has impacted them. So as awesome as  kb/s CDN usage, total stream views, or offering simulcasting to over 30+ platforms is, here are some other great "general" statistics we find equally as awesome while helping our Jewish customers stream their High Holy Day Services:

  • ONE: The elderly woman who is home bound and could not make it to Erev Rosh Hashanah Services said how grateful she was not only to watch it live from her iPad, but watch it again on demand the next day. We hear it a lot: while it's great to reach hundreds and thousands of viewers for these services, if a house of worship can reach even just one person who otherwise couldn't worship, then the opportunity to live stream was the right choice.

  • DOUBLE: The seating capacity one customer wrote us to report they were able to add "virtually," for their most important services of the year, thanks to live streaming. In some cases, our customers utilize their live stream for both an overflow room and for their viewers at home, doubling that double.

  • "HANDFUL": The number of family members who gathered around one viewer's computer screen when he pulled up the Rosh Hashanah sermon at their synagogue in their old hometown.

  • THOUSANDS: The number of miles one viewer said he would have had to travel to get home to see his synagogue's services, had they not provided the option to live stream.

  • MANY: Congregants on the east coast affected by Hurricane Florence this week who will depend on Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur streams provided by their synagogue to aid them in observing their High Holy Day services.

  • NONE: the number of StreamSpot customers who have ever reported that attendance has decreased by making live streaming available to their congregants.

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To our valued customers, we sincerely thank you for trusting StreamSpot to be a part of your important services.

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