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Connecting with Millennials (and More Members of Your Congregation) Has Never Been Easier

Posted by Laura Duerring on Dec 14, 2015 3:38:51 PM

Are you having trouble connecting to the millennials in your congregation? Well, in consideration of that question, do you have concerns about members who are far away, on vacation, or are ill?

One way to connect and maintain relationships with all of these groups of people is through live and on-demand streaming! 

Millennials and streaming

One of the benefits of setting up your house of worship for the live and on-demand streaming of your services and events is the convenience of essentially allowing people to be in two places at once.

This is quite ideal for millennials. Millennials are those born in early '80s to the early 2000s; they often are referred to the "Generation Me" demographic. They also are more likely to own a cellphone as their only phone, and mobile is the technology closest to their hearts. Live streaming using resources such as StreamSpot allows those who always have their mobile devices on them to catch your service wherever and whenever they want.


Robert Coletti, Account Manager at Piksel Faith, recently wrote an article explaining that the attendance of millennials throughout all houses of worship is declining. It’s not because they lack the desire to attend services, but because their lives need more flexibility to make meaningful connections with their house of worship. It's suggested that millennials are the most connected people, and also some of the busiest people, out there today. Not only are they going off to college, but they are also starting businesses, traveling, and taking on multiple different responsibilities. Bringing live and on-demand streaming into the picture gives millennials what they like, which is a sense of control over what they do, and when or how they do it. It gives them the ability to:

  • Watch their service of choice when they are at school. They can continue to stay updated and informed about what is going on with their home congregation, and even have conversations about the service with their families
  • Catch a service while on a business or school trip, nationally or internationally. On-demand archive viewing means they can watch on their schedule, regardless of time zone
  • Watch services on many different devices from smartphones, tablets, and computers

connection and streaming

Streaming opens so many doors and opportunities to help you reach your congregation. The Aspen Group wrote an article about considerations for streaming. Consider the following scenarios where members have a desire to be in attendance, but are unable to do so. Streaming allows them to stay connected.

  • There are multisite houses of worship who can run more cohesively through streaming
  • Your services can reach a multitude of people through the online community that it may not have originally reached
  • It also encourages new members to get involved with the option of small group discussions that can be held through different online discussion boards
    • Discussion boards are important for all members, but especially millennials because it allows them to interact with other people just as they would in real life. They can collaborate on ideas and go into further discussion on any topics they had questions or thoughts on
    • These boards also allow them to interact with your house of worship and share their opinions, which is very important to many millennials because it makes them feel as if you are taking their thoughts into consideration
  • Those who are sick are given the opportunity to stay at home and get better, as well as participate in your services. These people may need connection more than ever.
  • A member of your congregation is traveling, and is able to watch your service because you sent a link prior to the service through your social media pages, or to the live streaming player your website.
  • A non-member searches online and comes to your website to watch your service. Anyone can take part in your event, leading to more growth within your congregation.
  • A newly married couple can share their wedding service (both live and on-demand) with family and friends who are not able to attend due to financial and/or health reasons. Think of the memories that can be created due to technology!
Overall, the convenience that streaming your services provides can open up your house of worship to a plethora of new opportunities both with building your congregation and with building the relationships you already have with your members. 


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