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3 Ways We're Celebrating the Official Release of the New StreamSpot Player

Posted by Laura Duerring on Jan 15, 2016 5:10:58 PM


Thanks to our wonderful group of customers who participated in its beta and the diligent efforts of our engineering team, we're happy and proud to announce the official release of the new StreamSpot video player and more.

Based on the latest Flowplayer technology, the new StreamSpot video player allows each customer to customize their player in appearance and features. Our customers can utilize their branding, and can focus on providing the experience they want for their viewers.  Besides being adaptive and responsive, the new streaming video player will provide a viewing experience that is consistent across any device. Moving beyond our Roku integration, the new players make integrating into popular devices like Google Chromecast seamless. 

The new player has been through rigorous beta testing thanks to our customers. Our streaming experts on staff have also been kicking the tires in the effort to release the best product.

Read on to learn how we're celebrating and passing the fun to our customers...

1. launching our New Venue Page

Our engineering team are multi-taskers, and while they managed the beta programs for the new player and instant Chromecast integration, they also have been overhauling the StreamSpot venue page. The streaming venue page is used during those times when the new player is not embedded on a customer website or when a specific broadcast is shared with the world. It was time for a face lift, and we knew the launch of the new video player was perfect for the release.


The updated StreamSpot venue page offers many of the same abilities as before. This includes scanning and choosing from archives, enabling chat during live broadcasts, allowing donations, and sharing the link through social media. With a beautiful, modern design and visual appeal, viewers will now enjoy responsive adaptation to their device and the ability to easily subscribe to future broadcasts.

We encourage you to start using the new venue page as we will be ending support for the legacy StreamSpot player and older venue page after March 15th. Believe me - you'll love the new experience and won't want to go back.

2. sharing New Knowledgebase Articles

If a customer is overwhelmed by either the video player builder options or how to use the updated venue page, we suggest searching our public and easy-to-access Knowledgebase. With our focus on providing a simple live streaming experience, we've highlighted answers to many of the questions we've received from beta testers. By searching for keywords like "venue" and "player", you'll find more than a dozen help articles at your disposal. If you run into a dead end, contact our Customer Support team by chat, email, or phone. 

3. announcing our new streamspot mvp contest details

We recognize reading through new Knowledgebase articles may not be fun for everybody. It's ok. So, we hope you'll love our new contest announcement!

We want to see your new video player entered in our customer contest

Let's see your MVP  - Most Valuable Player, and you will be eligible to win. Now through Valentine's Day, if you build your StreamSpot video player and use the new venue page to show off your live and/or on-demand broadcasts, you'll be entered to win a StreamSpot swag bag & 2nd generation Google Chromecast. We chose Valentine's Day as the cut-off date, so we can share some extra love towards the customers who participate! Because we encourage you to be true to your company and utilize your own branding, no need to be extra flashy to win. Plus, if you've participated in the beta, you'll automatically be entered into the contest as a thank you from us.

Ready to Enter the Contest?

Email me at StreamSpot or by using the button below now through 2/14/16. Tell me your account name and how you're sharing the love (aka showing off your newly designed StreamSpot video player). Feel free to provide feedback too.

Our winner will be randomly selected, and then announced through social media and in the last customer newsletter of February 2016.  Good luck!

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